In general, an Environmental Resource Assessment is a review of potential cultural and historical resources and threatened and endangered species—and/or their habitat—relative to a specific site. Headwater has performed dozens of Environmental Resource Assessments throughout the Southeast.

This type of evaluation can provide valuable information about your site, particularly if your project includes public funds or grants. The assessment typically does not include coordination with respective regulatory agencies.

These environmental resources can serve as an amenity or backdrop to your project, rather than a hindrance to development. Additionally, there are sometimes tax incentives, which vary by state, for conservation and preservation efforts associated with historically significant sites and areas with ecological value.

Headwater offers more than four decades of field experience, as well as access to GIS mapping software and regional databases managed by the North Carolina State Historic Preservation Office, the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service, and representative natural heritage agencies.

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Sinking Creek Covered Bridge in Giles County, Virginia

Exposed boulders within a Rich Cove Forest in Caldwell County, North Carolina